suav feminin x laura călin | capsule collection

Many things connect us to Laura Călin, digital creator, yoga teacher, co-founder of Yoga City community, and of V for Vintage, among many others. Two of them – the love of yoga and the love of clothes – merged in our joint project, spontaneously created during a discussion on her book, “The Art of Seduction. The power of femininity”. We have created together with her a capsule collection that finds the common ground between our styles and that we are happy to share with you.

Laura tells the most beautiful story about the source of inspiration for the project:
“Every transformation starts from the inside and extends slowly, slowly, to the outside, and that’s how we replace gray with pink and black with olive green. Seductive wrap tops, relaxed jumpsuits for walks, yoga, and dancing, dresses delicately wrapping the body, pants that dress any feminine figure.
Feminine and gentle, yoga and “feel good in your body” began their inner journey and spread the power and vulnerability that femininity gives us, making us seductive.

The female yoga-inspired project that began with the book “The Power of Femininity. The Art of Seduction” expands now with a clothing mini-capsule designed in collaboration with SUAV.
Pink, olive green, organic cotton, soft touch, delicate lines, feminine and, at the same time, comfortable silhouettes, are the ingredients that give life to these garments. ”