check out our new

yoga and street lounge wear

(still) made of zen

check out our new

yoga and street lounge wear

(still) made of zen

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When I discovered Suav and their clothes on the website, I was really impressed. I’ve been looking for a while for comfortable cotton clothing, not harmful for the environment. Well, Suav covers all these aspects and offers a big bonus: they’re also very beautiful and can be worn not only at yoga practice, but also for going out and even at social events. Thank you for being here and for making us feel better in your clothes 🙏🏻


Andreea Dumitru

I like Suav clothes for their versatility and because they have those qualities I appreciate: anything goes with anything, a top can be loose comfy or cool, if you accessorize it, or sexy, if you want it that way. City clothes, yoga mat clothes, living room clothes. I appreciate the simplicity, that they’re not following a certain trend, the natural fabrics, the colors that are easy to mix.


Mariana Drăgan

It was match at first sight. All the clothes I like, in one place. Jumper, pants, top, they were with me all the summer and the relationship continue even now, during the autumn. The maintenance services were prompt when I needed them. I follow the website in order to notice the new products.


Andreea Tindeche

The coolest clothes! This should be the standard in softness for any cotton clothing, not only for the yoga wear. As a matter of fact, I love them so much, that I wore them at the seaside, in the mountains, at the office, everywhere. The downside is that they create addiction; the upside is that you have a variety to choose from. And let’s not forget it’s a Romanian brand! #madeinRomania


Elena Bululete

ÎI really love the pants! I’ve been looking for something comfortable for yoga, because I can’t stand any longer the classic tight and elastic pants, and these are extra comfy! The fact they’re made of cotton and they’re very loose make me feel at ease when I practice! I am happy with my choice and I’m also glad they’re made in Romania and that I can support such a brand 😊.


Cristina Husarencu